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Update - December 2010

After much discussion, the Planning and Advisory Committee and the Boards of Trustees of both libraries have come to the following conclusions regarding the Joint Library Feasibility Study:

Our work to date seems to support the following:

* A Joint Library to serve both communities could be a feasible and productive idea that would ultimately provide better, more cost-effective and enhanced services for both towns.

* The key to a joint library is functioning out of one centrally located facility. That facility does not necessarily have to be the building described in the earlier phase of the study and could be something more modest, but it does need to have sufficient space to provide the services identified as desired by the communities.

* At this time there is no real support or viable location for such a project in either community.

* A final phase of exploration, trying to proceed to form a Joint Library without building a new facility, to function out of the current SP location (with either no expansion of space or the addition of some modular units) would be difficult to sell to the Councils and the public and would be very complicated to achieve.
At this time there does not seem to be support for this sort of initiative from elected officials, the public, the staff or from the Library Boards.

Perhaps at a future date, in a more supportive atmosphere, the communities may choose to revisit the idea. In that scenario, much solid groundwork will be in place.

We would hope the two libraries can continue to cooperate closely, develop innovative new ideas and effectively share services and projects to the betterment of residents of both towns.

Considering the above, and given the close date of the SHARE Grantis December 31, 2010 the Boards of Trustees of both libraries have decided to curtail any further activities and investigations.

Since 2005 the Fanwood and Scotch Plains Libraries have used
Interlocal Shared Services Agreements to:

     *  SHARE a common library automation system and broaden reciprocal borrowing
     *  MAXIMIZE the use of existing funds though cooperative efforts
     *  FORGE a collaborative relationship with the existing joint school system
     *  IMPROVE and upgrade materials, shared policies, programming & staff development
     *  SUPPORT electronic connectivity and promote public awareness of joint services
     *  EXPAND a joint digitization project of local historical materials
          on the web at:
     *  PROVIDE access to a rich resource of original autism & customer-service related materials.
          The award winning project is on the web at:

Based on these successes in sharing library resources, the Borough of Fanwood and the Township of Scotch Plains were interested in examining the feasibility of creating a joint public library in a new shared facility. The Library Boards recognized the need for a new joint facility which would more effectively serve the residents of both communities. This library would increase the existing combined square footage and allow for a dramatic expansion of services, materials, space and hours.

A SHARE GRANT was obtained from the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to support the feasibility studies. Professional consultants were engaged to examine the issuesassociated with the establishment of a joint library. The results of the study will determine whether this project should move successfully toward implementation.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our project with you.
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to
CONTACT us at any time: