Top 10 Reasons
to Support The Library of Fanwood and Scotch Plains

1.  Libraries should be a place of opportunity for everyone. The new Library of Fanwood and Scotch Plains will be designed to meet the diverse needs of our area, including expanded services for children and adults with special needs.
2.  Public libraries are about more than lending books - they are about building community. The joint library will serve as a community center - an educational and cultural hub offering innovative programming, classes, seminars and special events.
3.  Education does not begin in kindergarten. Libraries open the door to learning, imagination and wonder. The joint library will allow us to expand our early literary programs so that every child gets the best possible start in life.
4.  A dynamic and responsive library adds value to the community. It increases local property values and enhances overall quality of life.
5.  Libraries should be convenient and accessible. Joining forces will allow us to open earlier and close later. After all, we are here to serve you.
6.  Your dollars will go further. The economies of scale resulting from maintaining one facility mean we can use taxpayer dollars to increase the level of direct services to you, our patron.
7.  Technology is not a luxury, it is a necessity. By investing in improved online content databases and electronic services, we will make sure you get the information you need, when you need it.
8.  A strong and vibrant library benefits area business. By offering services and programming that help make our area attractive for businesses and their employees, the Library will promote redevelopment efforts.
9.  Bigger is better. The joint library will allow us to expand our collection, and provide you with more books, more materials, more choices, more programs and opportunities to participate, more meeting space for local civic and community groups and designated areas for teens and tots to learn and grow.

10.  Together we can achieve more than any one of us can do alone. Please help us build the Library of Fanwood and Scotch Plains. We can not make the dream a reality without your support.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our project with you.
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